4 NY Giants youngsters who already feel like a lost cause

These Big Blue players simply haven't lived up to the hype

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3. OL Marcus McKethan

There may not have been many expectations surrounding Marcus McKethan coming out of college. However, through his first healthy season, he has shown little to nothing in terms of potential and it may already be time for the Giants to put their eggs into a different basket. The team's guard depth was atrocious this season and continuing to waste time on guys like McKethan could have consequences.

It is worth mentioning that McKethan is coming off of a torn ACL, which could explain some of his struggles. Despite this, he's looked borderline unplayable whenever the Giants have called his number and it may simply be time to move on already.

Through eight games, McKethan has allowed 17 pressures and two sacks, which for a guard, is hilariously bad. Not to mention, he has a PFF pass-blocking grade of 26.2 on the season. He never should have been thrust into a starting role, but he should have stepped up in any way, yet failed to.

With all of the offensive line struggles the Giants have faced in recent seasons, they cannot continue to waste time on a lost cause like McKethan. At this point, signing a veteran or drafting a guard in the first three rounds would be a much better investment.