4 NY Giants youngsters who already feel like a lost cause

These Big Blue players simply haven't lived up to the hype

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1. OT Evan Neal

We hate to say it, but Evan Neal's time in New York may be coming to a close much sooner than some would like to admit. While there could still be potential, the lack of any genuine progression through three seasons has us worried that Neal may never reach the potential he showcased at Alabama, which is just a shame.

Some will blame the shift to right tackle, others, how poor of a coach Bobby Johnson is. Regardless, we've now seen two seasons of Neal looking like one of the worst tackles in the NFL. His complete lack of burst off the line, horrid hand placement, and overall ability to do much of anything as a pass protector have spelled disaster at every step of the way for the Giants.

Through 762 pass-blocking snaps in two seasons, Neal has allowed nine sacks and 69 pressures while also being penalized 12 times. This is abysmal for any tackle period, let alone one that was taken seventh overall and was touted by some as a generational prospect.

The 2024 NFL Draft class is full of talent on the offensive line. This makes it easy to see the Giants potentially move on from Neal at tackle. We have few doubts that Neal could have been great, but for one reason or another, he's looking like a bust right now which could leave a stain on Schoen's resume. Maybe move him to guard?