NY radio host urging the Giants to trade for Josh Allen has Bills fans furious

WFAN's Evan Roberts didn't hold back taking a shot at Buffalo
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From the moment it was announced that Stefon Diggs was being traded by the Buffalo Bills to the Houston Texans, people in New Jersey have been dreaming of the NY Giants calling up Brandon Beane. Why? To try and make a move for quarterback Josh Allen.

Yes, it's unlikely and it's probably not going to happen. However, with the Giants holding the No. 6 overall pick, maybe Joe Schoen could put together a package that at least wouldn't make Beane hang up the phone on him. This is something WFAN's Evan Roberts wants to see happen, but a recent appearance on his radio show sure has plenty of Bills supporters quite upset.

WFAN's Evan Roberts calling Buffalo a 'toilet bowl' has Bills Mafia livid

"Josh doesn’t have any toys anymore. Josh ain’t happy. Josh doesn’t want to live in Buffalo anymore. Josh has a girlfriend who would rather shop on Fifth Avenue in New York City than waste time in that toilet bowl known as Buffalo. Call up your friend, Joe, and say ‘What up’ about Josh Allen. ‘Is he available? Because if you’re sinking this ship…we have the sixth pick in the draft. We have Daniel Jones. We’ve got other assets. We’ll help you with your rebuild, and we’ll help out Josh Allen."

Evan Roberts

Toilet bowl known as Buffalo? No wonder Roberts is receiving a ton of hate these days. While we disagree on his take about the city, we won't disagree with him saying that the Giants could have the pieces to make this interesting for the Bills.

If Buffalo is looking toward a rebuild, then maybe, just maybe, Schoen can put enough picks in front of the Bills to make them consider. However, this feels like quite the fantasy and we anticipate the Giants either trading up to find a new QB in the NFL Draft or hoping a stud falls to them at No. 6 overall.

Allen is one of the best signal-callers in the NFL, but as Roberts noted, he doesn't have the same kind of weapons around him anymore. Diggs is on his way to Houston and Gabe Davis signed a new deal with the Jaguars this offseason.

Maybe the Bills trade up in the first round to try and land a new WR1 for Allen, but who knows if that's in the cards for them either. All we know is that not having Diggs is going to be rough for the Bills and Allen. Could it lead to the Giants aggressively trying to pursue him? Again, probably not, but crazier things have happened.