5 offseason moves the NY Giants should avoid making for 2024

Joe Schoen shouldn’t consider any of these moves for the Giants in 2024

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With the 2023 season now in the rear-view mirror for the NY Giants, they have a lot of tough decisions to make regarding the roster. Before the 2023 season, many thought the Giants would be ready to take the next step as a franchise. We even had the Giants winning as many as 12 games in 2023. Instead, the Giants took a step back and lost double-digit games.

Now, with the Giants headed to the top of the draft board again, it’s a bit of deja vu again for Joe Schoen when he first took the job as the Giants general manager back in 2022. The only difference is the Giants don’t have that second draft pick early on in the first round.

But the Giants do have question marks at quarterback, again. What do they do with Daniel Jones? Do they continue to let him be the starter? Or will they look at free-agent options? Will they make a trade for a short-term solution?

Will they re-sign Saquon Barkley? Could he be franchise tagged again for the second straight year? These are all questions heading into the Giants offseason. With these question marks looming for the Giants, here are five moves the Giants should strongly consider staying away from:

5. Bringing back Tyrod Taylor

We’ll start with one of the Giants own free agents. Tyrod Taylor is an impending free agent and with him being one of the Giants several starters in 2023, some wondered if the Giants would bring him back for a second tenure.

Sure, with the uncertainty in the Giants QB room, bringing back Taylor to run the offense again with Daniel Jones recovering from the ACL injury and surgery could be ideal. But does Taylor make sense for the Giants?

Very simply, no. Taylor doesn’t make sense for this Giants team moving forward - a Giants team that is revamping its identity and one that is in for a possible roster overhaul. Taylor makes more sense for another team, like who the Giants were in 2022. The Giants are better suited to looking into either drafting a quarterback, or signing an inexpensive, short-term option as the place holder if Jones isn’t ready to play in Week 1.