5 offseason moves the NY Giants should avoid making for 2024

Joe Schoen shouldn’t consider any of these moves for the Giants in 2024

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4. Reuniting with Leonard Williams

When the Giants traded Leonard Williams at the deadline back in October, he left the team on really good terms, as he mentioned how Schoen gave him the chance to land elsewhere if he wanted to finish out the season with a new squad.

With the way things ended mid-season with Williams and the Giants, it made some wonder if the Giants could potentially bring him back. But that probably won’t happen, and really, nor should it. For one thing, Williams is at a stage in his career where he helps a team like the Seahawks, or another playoff team in need of a veteran defensive lineman to put them over the top.

Another reason? It’s time to give Jordon Riley a chance to see if he can be the guy to line up next to Dexter Lawrence on the line. Riley was the Giants seventh-round pick last year and appeared in a handful of games, while showing some potential. Now it’s time to see if Riley is ready for the next step in his development.

Williams had a nice tenure with the Giants, but he’ll benefit another team that isn’t the Giants in 2024. Schoen needs to stay away.