5 offseason moves the NY Giants should avoid making for 2024

Joe Schoen shouldn’t consider any of these moves for the Giants in 2024

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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3. Trading for Stefon Diggs

There’s been some whispers and rumblings for almost two years now that Stefon Diggs is “unhappy” in Buffalo and he could potentially be moved for the right trade. Before the 2023 NFL Draft, the idea was being floated around of the Giants considering trading for Diggs, but Diggs wasn’t moved and he stayed put in Buffalo.

Diggs has been mentioned in several trade target articles and given his history with Brian Daboll with Buffalo, many think he’d be a fit for the Giants with their lack of a true No. 1 receiver. If Diggs is going to cost a first-round pick in a potential trade, the Giants can’t afford to do that, especially if they are considering looking into drafting a quarterback with that kind of pick.

Also, Diggs has a $27 million cap hit for 2024, which would eat into the majority of the current cap space they are projected to have, which is around $35 million, according to Over the Cap. Diggs is a player who could be moved to someone else, potentially the Chiefs. As for the G-Men, they are better suited continuing to develop Jalin Hyatt and looking into the 2024 NFL Draft for another receiver with the potential to be a future No. 1 wideout.