5 offseason moves the NY Giants should avoid making for 2024

Joe Schoen shouldn’t consider any of these moves for the Giants in 2024

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1. Considering Russell Wilson

When the talks hit of the Broncos cutting ties with Rusell Wilson came out, many wondered where the former Super Bowl-winning quarterback would play next. Just like many thought in 2022 before he was traded by the Seahawks, many, again, considered the Giants.

We talked about why the Giants should steer clear of Wilson for the obvious of reasons: his age, drop-off in production, and the kind of contract he will command. There are just too many reasons for Schoen to stay away.

Now, if this were the case last offseason when the Giants hadn’t signed a quarterback yet, okay. Maybe the Giants had a legit case to sign Wilson as opposed to bringing back Daniel Jones. But the Giants did re-sign Jones last offseason and will have a $47.1 million cap hit in 2024.

That, and along with the $69 million dead cap hit if Jones were to be moved this offseason, means Jones isn’t going anywhere and the Giants can’t afford to sign Wilson, even if they really wanted to. And truth be told, they can’t sign any other big-named quarterbacks like Kirk Cousins either because of the possible money it will cost.

Is Wilson a better player than Jones is? Yes, but the Giants can’t afford him, especially since they aren’t just a quarterback away from contending again like we all thought last offseason.