5 offseason moves that will make Joe Schoen look like a genius

The pressure is on for Joe Schoen to make some big decision in the coming months

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2. Fire Mike Kafka

With the increasing likelihood that the Giants hit the reset button at QB, it might also be time to follow suit with the offensive coordinator position. While there is no doubt Mike Kafka is a great offensive mind, his tenure with the Giants has proven he might need more time to be ready to help a team like the Giants turn their offensive woes around.

When looking towards next season and, more specifically, options to replace Kafka, names like Darrell Bevell, Byron Leftwich, and Brian Hartline come to mind. One common denominator defines all of these options that the Giants must look for in a candidate: a history and track record of developing quarterbacks. When investing a first-round pick in a QB, it can't be overstated how important it is to find the right guy. Whether it is Bevell in his role developing Tua Tagovailoa in Miami, Leftwich with his history as an NFL QB and role helping Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, or Brian Hartline molding CJ Stroud at Ohio State - all three of these candidates have proven their abilities as teachers.

While the consensus opinion remains that Daboll is the right man as head coach, it is equally as important for him to generate a compelling cast around him. Finding the right offensive coordinator will be crucial in setting up the Giants and any potential draft picks for a long and illustrious future.