5 overpaid players the NY Giants must avoid in free agency

The Giants and Joe Schoen need to stay away here.
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3. LB Lavonte David

Lavonte David has been one of the more consistent linebackers in the NFL over the last decade, but at 34 years old, he’s no longer a desirable option for the Giants’ linebacker group, especially at his price point. 

The former Nebraska Cornhuskers star has been consistently healthy throughout his time in the NFL, and even totalled 134 tackles in 2023. Still, as it always seems to happen with the Giants, he’s bound to fall off a cliff in the next couple of seasons, whether that’s a fair assessment or not. 

Instead of shelling out a huge contract to a linebacker like David, the Giants are more well served to continue developing their young linebackers, and letting Bobby Okereke, last season’s prized free agent, lead the charge for the unit.

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers don’t bring back David, some other NFL franchise will be happy to bring him to town. However, the Giants have other more pressing needs, and would be better served utilizing their resources elsewhere.