Patrick Mahomes shows the NY Giants love for epic Super Bowl win over Patriots

This is a game no Big Blue fan will forget
Super Bowl LVIII - Winning Head Coach and MVP Press Conference
Super Bowl LVIII - Winning Head Coach and MVP Press Conference / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Throughout the team's storied history, the NY Giants have captured the Super Bowl title four times. Each one has been tremendous, but surely there's one game you love more than the others, right? We don't blame you if that's the case.

Kansas City Chiefs standout Patrick Mahomes knows what it takes to capture the Lombardi Trophy, winning the Super Bowl three times already. With that said, Mahomes has also witnessed some unreal showdowns he hasn't been a part of. When asked about the greatest moments in football history, Mahomes brought up the Super Bowl XLII Giants win over New England, with David Tyree's catch of course mentioned:

Patrick Mahomes will always remember the Giants beating the Patriots in 2008 for a Super Bowl win

Hey, we're not going to argue with you there, Patrick. In that game, the Patriots were heavy favorites and they were looking to post a perfect season. Instead, members of the 1972 Dolphins were able to light up a cigar that night, as NY got the job done and Tom Brady's night was ruined.

"I'm not taking shots, but the one they (New England) lost against the Giants when he (Tyree) caught the ball with his helmet - that moment just because that Giants team barely made the playoffs and then they make a run. They're huge underdogs and end up beating probably the best, even though they didn't end up winning the Super Bowl, it's probably the best football team of all time in that Patriots team. "

Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is right. The Giants barely snuck into the playoffs that year, but then they went on an amazing run in the postseason to somehow even get to the Super Bowl. Then in that memorable February battle with the Patriots, Eli Manning and Co. were able to pull off a stunner in dramatic fashion, of course highlighted by the Tyree grab.

It's a moment that Giants fans as a whole are never going to forget and it's awesome to know that it's something Mahomes still has fresh on his mind too. Hopefully the Giants can deliver him with another Super Bowl moment down the road. Unfortunately for Mahomes, we'd like it to come in a game he ends up losing to the G-Men.