6 pending free agents the NY Giants should let walk in 2024

There's no need for Joe Schoen to bring these guys back next season

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The NY Giants are in the midst of a disastrous season and with some pretty noteworthy players set to hit free agency, we wouldn't be surprised to see Joe Schoen let some of them go. New York has around $36 million to spend in 2024 according to Spotrac, so investing in certain expiring contracts simply may not be the way to go.

These guys may not all necessarily be playing poorly, but with the limited money the Giants have to spend, it may be better to put those funds elsewhere. It will suck to see some of them go, but these six players should not be back in East Rutherford next campaign:

6. WR Sterling Shepard

It pains me to say it, but it simply may not be worth keeping Sterling Shepard around following this season. Not only do the Giants have other, younger options at receiver they need to focus on developing, but even when on the field Shepard hasn't been as productive as he needs to be. While it's not entirely his fault, as Shepard has had some of the worst injury luck in the league, that doesn't change the fact that it may be time to move on.

Not to mention, Shepard may simply want to go to a new team where he can get more opportunities. I'm sure he likes being the locker-room presence he is for the Giants, but he made it clear earlier in the season that he wants to play more. Everything he brings will be missed greatly, but Schoen has to put an emphasis on improving the receiving core, and retaining Shepard unfortunately won't help much.