6 pending free agents the NY Giants should let walk in 2024

There's no need for Joe Schoen to bring these guys back next season

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5. OL Shane Lemieux

Maybe at one time, there was some potential with Shane Lemieux. However, we're now in Year 4 and the guy has just played 18 total games in his career. This, combined with his incredibly poor play when healthy, makes him a very easy candidate to let walk this offseason. It's unfortunate that he's never managed to remain on the field, but football is a business and both Lemieux and Schoen know this.

As I said, Lemieux has played just 18 games in his entire four-year career, which is essentially just one full season. In this time, he's allowed seven sacks, and 36 pressures, only having a PFF pass-blocking grade surpass 30 just once.

Honestly, I'm a bit surprised that the Giants didn't cut Lemieux earlier in the season, as doing so would have saved them a little under $1 million in cap space. While they likely wanted him for line depth, I think we all knew he wasn't going to last very long before getting injured again. He's been unreliable and a liability on the field. It's time to move on.