6 pending free agents the NY Giants should let walk in 2024

There's no need for Joe Schoen to bring these guys back next season

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1. QB Tyrod Taylor

While I can see the Giants retaining Tyrod Taylor with Daniel Jones' injury, the rise of Tommy DeVito and the likelihood of the team drafting a QB in this year's draft could spell trouble for his remaining time with the team. Taylor has been a great backup, but re-signing him could cost a decent amount of money, and with how small of a contract DeVito is on, making him the full-time backup could be worth it.

Taylor wasn't called into duty much last season, but in 2023 he saw the field a decent amount and played pretty well, completing 65 percent of his passes for two touchdowns and zero interceptions through three starts. He was good, but like I said, DeVito has also looked remarkable for a UDFA and will cost significantly less.

This, combined with Taylor's injury history, makes it somewhat easy to understand why letting him walk may be the right decision. Jones will eventually be back next season whether you like it or not, DeVito will be there as well, and in all likelihood, a rookie QB as well regardless of if they're drafted early, or late, will also be in town. With this, Taylor will be ready to find a new home in '24.