4 plays that helped the Giants beat GB and keep postseason dreams alive

The G-Men have no won three-consecutive games

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
Green Bay Packers v New York Giants / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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2. Incredbile Isaiah Hodgins touchdown grab

This was an epic throw-and-catch from DeVito to Hodgins. NY was up 14-13 late in the third quarter and everything appeared to be closed up for the Giants offense. However, DeVito was able to get out of the pocket, scan the field and deliver with a perfect throw in the corner of the end zone for Hodgins to reel in. It was an incredible grab for him.

When was the last time we saw a Giants QB make a throw like this? DeVito was on the money and Hodgins was somehow able to get both feet down. As soon as the touchdown was confirmed, people at MetLife absolutely lost it and rightfully so. After this play, it really felt like the Giants were well on their way to the shocking win.

Hodgins has had a rough season, as he hasn't matched the success he had in 2022. However, it feels like whenever Coach Dabes needs him to step up and come down with a fantastic reception, he's there to answer the call. This happened on Monday night against the Packers. Seriously, this will be looked at as one of the best scores of the NY campaign.