Predicting the NY Giants next 5 games with Brian Daboll desperate for a win

Will the Giants be able to get back on track vs. Washington this weekend?

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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It's no secret the NY Giants start to the season has been miserable. Both for the team and for the fans. Big Blue sits at 1-5, is at the bottom of the NFC East and is in serious contention for a Top 5 pick. The team's performance hasn't met expectations, but they haven't had the easiest go of things.

Andrew Thomas has been injured since week 1, Saquon Barkley missed three games and now Daniel Jones is in danger of missing this week's game against the Commanders. The injuries themselves stink, but to make matters worse, the Giants have gone through a gauntlet through the first six games.

Their opponents have a combined record of 22-13. That doesn't bode well even with a healthy roster. However, as the schedule starts to lighten up a little, there is a chance for the G-Men to turn things around over the next month. Here's a look at the next five games:

5. Against the Commanders - Win

No team will play as hard as when they're desperate for a win, and that's exactly the spot the Giants are in. They've lost four straight since their miracle in Arizona and are on life support. This should be a kitchen sink game for Brain Daboll and Co. Fans should expect a whole bag of tricks thrown at the Commanders in every facet of the game. Especially for a team that seems allergic to scoring touchdowns, they need to pull out all the stops to get the offense going.

Jones is questionable to play this week, but even if Tyrod Taylor is under center, the Giants should come out of here with a win. Taylor showed good control of the offense in last week's game against the Bills, but just couldn't finish off drives. With the Giants' current standing, that should change. This game will tell all of Big Blue nation how the rest of the season is going to play out. The team will either believe they can turn things around or the downward slide will continue.