Predicting the NY Giants next 5 games with Brian Daboll desperate for a win

Will the Giants be able to get back on track vs. Washington this weekend?
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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2. Against the Cowboys- Loss

This one is pretty simple. The Giants don't beat the Cowboys. They can't beat the Cowboys. Since 2017, Big Blue has a 1-12 record against their rival. Unfortunately for the G-Men, that trend is going to continue. The bright side is this one will be a lot closer than the 40-0 dominace we saw in Week 1. The defense plays well and the offense shows some flashes, but it just isn’t enough to change the dynamic between the two teams.

The only way the Giants have a chance to win this one is if the Cowboys are emotionally and physically exhausted after playing the Eagles. However, there seems to be too much history of Dak Prescott owning this franchise for that too happen. The once (hypothetically) hot Giants cool off and now sit at 4-6.

If Danny Dimes is fully healthy, then you never know, maybe the Giants are able to make this interesting late in the fourth quarter. We'd love to see it happen, but for now, we're going with Dallas to grab the victory.