Predicting the NY Giants next 5 games with Brian Daboll desperate for a win

Will the Giants be able to get back on track vs. Washington this weekend?

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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1. Against the Commanders - Loss

There just isn't a world where this season series ends in a sweep by either team. The Giants and Commanders are too evenly matched and will split the two games with the home team being the victor. It'll be a winnable game for the Giants on the road in this one, but they'll see some of their early season frustrations rear their ugly heads and cost the G-Men the game.

The big players will continue to look good but the offensive line will continue its poor season against the Commanders staunch defensive line. The pass-rush for Washington will look sharp, especially in front if the hometown fans.

The once (hypothetically) hot Giants cool off and sit at 4-7. It isn't ideal, but it's enough for the front office to have this team go for it in terms of a Wild Card spot. The Giants face four teams currently at or below .500 in the final six games. Plus, they'll face an Eagles team in Week 18 that will probably be resting its starters. The best part of the Giants fighting for a playoff spot: Barkley stays in town and is off the trading block.