4 prospects the Giants must focus on with the No. 6 overall pick in the NFL Draft

A tough decision is on the way for general manager Joe Schoen

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3. OT Joe Alt

If the Giants opt to go for an offensive lineman, it should be Joe Alt out of Notre Dame. The only problem is he may not be there at No. 6 with how widely regarded he is and the Cardinals and Chargers picking ahead of Big Blue. If this is Schoen's vision and he's available, he should be the pick. Simply put, there aren’t really any weaknesses in his game. Alt is equally as good of a pass-blocker as he is a run-blocker, and those are A+ grades no matter where you look.

Like Fashanu, Alt has great size (6-8, 315) and is quick on his feet. In the past two years, Alt has allowed only one sack and eight total pressures. Those are video-game numbers for an offensive lineman. Teams need to protect their quarterback and Alt makes sure they are protected. He also has a great ability to open up running lanes.

If Saquon Barkley can get near 1,000 yards rushing with one of the worst units in football blocking for him, imagine what he can do with more competent linemen (if he stays, that's another story).  Again, linemen won't sell the tickets, but there are two good ones at the top of the draft for the Giants to keep an eye on.