Ranking the 5 biggest NY Giants busts midway through the season

A year that had so much promise has gone to waste for the New York Giants

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The NY Giants are now 10 games into the season and obviously, things have been a train wreck. Not only is the team spiraling out of control, but the amount of injuries has ultimately played a huge factor in New York's downfall. Despite this, even without injuries, several players on this Giants team have massively disappointed.

These five players had big expectations coming into this season, yet, for one reason or another, failed to meet them. For some, their future with the Giants is now up in the air due to the way they ended up being busts this season. For others, fans may no longer wish to have them on the team regardless of their contract situation down the road:

5. EDGE Azeez Ojulari

After missing the majority of last season due to various injuries, fans were hopeful for Azeez Ojulari to have a healthy 2023. The injuries sucked, but it was clear last season that Ojulari was still an impact player when on the field, as he racked up 5.5 sacks in seven games. This season, though, Ojulari has not only missed games, but when on the field he's been a complete no-show.

Through four games, Ojulari has racked up just three tackles, zero sacks, and seven pressures. Yes, the injuries are likely playing a factor in this disappointing play. However, considering how poor the Giants' pass rush has been all season, the team has needed a bigger boost from the 23 year old.

It's doubtful that the Giants look to move on from the third-year edge rusher considering how much potential he's shown in the past, but there's no doubt he's been a massive bust this season. We always hate to see players get hurt, but this is the second season in a row in which Ojulari has consistently been unable to keep himself healthy. Something has to change in the future for him.