Ranking the 5 biggest NY Giants busts midway through the season

A year that had so much promise has gone to waste for the New York Giants

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3. WR Parris Campbell

When the Giants signed Parris Campbell this offseason, many fans were excited, as it seemed like the offense was potentially going in a more aggressive direction. However, it was quickly realized that this was not the case and thus far, Campbell has been incredibly disappointing to the point where he barely sees the field.

Campbell was signed to be a deep threat, as that is his best skill. However, the Giants haven't been using him as one all season and it's affected his level of play. Campbell is not a complete receiver and shouldn't be used as one, yet, the Giants tried to and it didn't work out. In 10 games, Campbell has caught just 19 passes for 106 yards and zero touchdowns.

Through the first four weeks, Campbell saw the field on 136 snaps, however, in the six weeks since, he's seen just 44 snaps. Not only do the Giants not trust Campbell to make simple plays, but they haven't even been giving him the deep plays he needs to succeed. It'd be a shock if he's back in 2024.