Ranking the best QBs in the NFC East: Where do the NY Giants stand?

The NFC East is loaded with star QBs.
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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3) Giants QB Daniel Jones

Leading up to the 2023 campaign, Giants fans would’ve been steaming with Jones being placed at No. 3 on a ranking of NFC East quarterbacks, but after a disastrous campaign, it seems a little generous. Some may believe the Eagles and Cowboys even have better backup quarterbacks than Jones, but that’s an argument that can only be debated if we see more of the 2023 version of the former first-round selection.

After an impressive 2022, Jones convinced the Giants brass he was the man to lead them into battle over the next couple of seasons. Joe Schoen committed to Jones, even though he didn’t draft him originally, and Brian Daboll was ready for the long haul with the Giants quarterback. However, injuries and inadequate decision-making, coupled with improved play from the team’s backup quarterbacks, had New York coming down with a serious case of buyer’s remorse.  

Could Jones resemble the player we saw in 2022, instead of the disastrous effort he put forth in 2023? Of course he could, especially with an improved wide receiving corps and an offensive line that should be better. That would have him fighting to move up the list, but if he doesn’t improve in 2024, he could be out of the NFC East all together, with the Giants possessing an out in his deal after this season.