Ranking the NFC East wide receivers rooms from worst to best

Where to the Giants stack up with the rest of the division?
New York Giants Rookie Minicamp
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2. Dallas Cowboys

There is an argument to be made that CeeDee Lamb is not only the best receiver in the division, but one the best in the league. Eagles fans may tell you differently, but we'll get to them later (unfortunately). Lamb destroyed pretty much every team he played in 2023, amassing more than 1,700 yards on 135 catches and 12 touchdowns.

However, like the Commanders, the Cowboys only have one true star in that receivers room. But, the Cowboys have better top-end talent in Lamb and a significantly better No. 2 and No. 3 to throw to. Cowboys fans didn't really know what they'd get in Brandin Cooks in 2023, but he turned in a solid year - 657 yards on 54 catches to go along with eight touchdowns is really all you can ask of a No. 2 when your No. 1 is as good as Lamb.

There is a somewhat new face at the No. 3 spot with the departure of Michael Gallup as Jalen Tolbert finds himself in that role. He enters his third year with the Cowboys, coming off a productive sophomore campaign given his role. He had more than 260 yards on 22 catches and even had two touchdowns. Add in some increased snap counts for Tolbert and he could be a solid contributor.