Ranking the NFC East wide receivers rooms from worst to best

Where to the Giants stack up with the rest of the division?
New York Giants Rookie Minicamp
New York Giants Rookie Minicamp / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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1. Philadelphia Eagles

There is no argument the Eagles have the best receiving duo in the division and possibly the entire NFL. It is quite literally generational. A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith combined for more than 2,500 yards, about 200 catches and 14 touchdowns last season. They are the gold standard when it comes to a 1-2 receiver punch.

Smith had more receiving yards than Cooks and Tolbert combined in 2023. As good as the top two guys are, though, for the Eagles, there is a big drop-off after the two studs. Up until about a week ago, Davante Parker was slated to be the No. 3 receiver, but he shockingly retired and now that spot belongs to Parris Campbell.

Yes, Giants fans, the same Campbell who collected a total of 20 catches and 104 yards in his time in Big Blue. If one of Brown or Smith goes down for any period of time, the Eagles will be in serious trouble when it comes to receiver production. If you look at the depth chart, Britain Covey is probably the most well-known next man up. However, Brown and Smith are good enough to make up for any lack of depth this receivers room has. If these two guys can stay on the field, opposing secondaries are in serious trouble.