Ranking potential NY Giants' Daniel Jones replacements in the NFL Draft

These four signal-callers could be options for the Giants in the NFL Draft
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2. J.J. McCarthy

Every year, it feels like one quarterback rises up draft boards faster than others throughout the draft process. This year, that is undoubtedly J.J. McCarthy, who has soared up to a prospect who can be taken early in the first round. After an uber-successful career at Michigan, McCarthy will look to continue his winning ways in the NFL.

For some, McCarthy's lack of passing production and responsibility during his stint at Michigan are alarming. Under coach Jim Harbaugh's ground-and-pound regime, McCarthy wasn't showcasing his big arm as often as other prospects. That said, McCarthy showed he knows how to win and can help bring a winning culture back to the Giants.

Unlike Maye, the Giants would not likely need to move up for McCarthy. While teams like the Minnesota Vikings and Las Vegas Raiders are reportedly interested in moving up for McCarthy, it seems likely that he will be available at No. 6.

In drafting McCarthy, the Giants can secure a fundamentally sound and intelligent signal-caller for years. Like most Giants QB prospects, he will likely sit behind Jones for 2024 and have the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional. McCarthy is unique from any other prospect in this class and can be a solid option for the Giants at No. 6.