Ranking potential NY Giants' Daniel Jones replacements in the NFL Draft

These four signal-callers could be options for the Giants in the NFL Draft
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3. Michael Penix Jr.

Sitting a tier below guys like Maye and McCarthy, the Giants wouldn't have to use the same high-caliber draft capital to make Michael Peniz Jr. a Giant. With many questions surrounding his injury history and age (nearly 24 years old), Penix is slated to be a late-first or early-second round pick.

The obvious benefit of drafting Penix would be that the Giants can use the No. 6 overall pick to tackle another position of need. Grabbing a guy like Malik Nabers or Rome Odunze can provide immediate help to whoever is at the helm. For the Giants, Penix's injury concerns may outweigh his potential value. Having experienced years of pain stemming from different injuries to Jones, it's a bit tougher to imagine investing in a player who has torn his ACL twice and had two major shoulder procedures.

For Penix, having him sit behind Jones in 2024 makes much less sense. Given his old age and five years in college, the hope would be that he is already prepared to be an NFL quarterback. While you can't deny his talent and on-field abilities, the fit doesn't quite add up for Penix to NY as well as it does for other prospects.