Ranking potential NY Giants' Daniel Jones replacements in the NFL Draft

These four signal-callers could be options for the Giants in the NFL Draft
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4. Spencer Rattler

Now dropping another tier below Penix sits Spencer Rattler. Projected anywhere from the third to the fifth round, Rattler has plenty of potential, but has been plagued by the same ball security and decision-making related mistakes throughout college.

Rattler, ranked the No. 1 overall prospect in this class heading into his junior season, has faced his fair share of adversity in the last few years. After losing his job to Caleb Williams, Rattler transferred to South Carolina, where he found success and finished his college career. Ultimately, Rattler is far more of a project than any other of these prospects, but the potential remains.

Taking a later-round flier on Rattler makes a lot of sense for the Giants. A low-risk, high-upside investment can allow Rattler to grow under Jones and see if there's potential for an eventual starting QB. If not, there will be no contractual issues in letting him go.

The Giants need to decide whether they are committed to giving Jones the best chance at shining in 2024 or if they already have one eye on 2025 and beyond. Time will tell what the Giants do with their draft selections and whether one of these four prospects will be suiting up in East Rutherford in September.