Ranking the top DB prospects by ability to start for the Giants Week 1

Will the G-Men land any of these playmakers?
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3. Washington State S Jaden Hicks

As mentioned before, the Giants have a pretty big hole at safety following the McKinney loss. This means they need to address this gap before the start of the season, and they could do this by drafting Washington State's Jaden Hicks on Day 2.

Hicks is a great all-around threat at safety - not only has he consistently been a great run defender in college, but his abilities in coverage are very solid as well. Last season, he racked up 81 combined tackles while allowing 20 receptions on 31 targets for 170 yards, and two touchdowns, earning a PFF coverage grade of 83.0.

Due to his size (6-3, 210) and athletic traits, Hicks looks to be a strong candidate to start Week 1 if drafted by the Giants. He's very much a high-floor candidate and if he can work on his fluidity and hip rotations, there's no telling how great Hicks could become.