Re-grading the NY Giants 2022 NFL Draft 6 games into the new season

The 2022 draft has proven to be underwhelming for Big Blue

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants
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Round 1, Pick 7: OT Evan Neal, D

Just like Thibodeaux, Neal has been an impact player for the Giants - just not in a good way. Instead of winning New York a couple of games, Neal has likely cost the team a matchup or two. His disastrous play, lack of progression, and concerning comments made toward fans have meshed to make what looks a massive bust unless he turns his season around.

Neal's struggles as a rookie were understandable as not only do most rookie tackles struggle to adjust in their first year, but Neal was also shifted to right tackle, a position he hadn't played in nearly three years. However, in his second season in the league, Neal has been one of, if not the worst offensive tackle in all of football. Some of this can likely be blamed on poor coaching by Bobby Johnson, but Neal has to put in the work himself and it's clear that he hasn't been doing enough of it.

Maybe a move to the interior offensive line could help Neal out a ton, as his main issues pertain to his balance and speed off the ball. Moving inside would help counter these issues while also playing to his strengths. However, judging by Johnson's poor coaching decisions, we doubt he looks to make this move. For now, though, Neal's career projection isn't looking very good.