Re-grading the NY Giants 2022 NFL Draft 6 games into the new season

The 2022 draft has proven to be underwhelming for Big Blue

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Round 2, Pick 43: Wan'Dale Robinson, B-

In all honesty, this grade would likely be much higher had Wan'Dale Robinson not torn his ACL just six games into his rookie season. However, as of now, it will have to remain at a B-, as Robinson has certainly shown flashes of excellence, but hasn't been able to consistently do so due to the aforementioned injury.

Since returning this season, Robinson has a real case to have been the Giants' best receiver, which isn't saying much. Regardless, he's been effective not only as a pass-catcher, but as a ball carrier as well. The Giants may have solid receivers, but almost none of them have the same level of dynamism as Robinson.

Some will criticize the Robinson pick, as many at the time didn't think he was worthy of going so high in the draft, but with the way his career is looking to pan out, it may have been the right choice. Hopefully, he can stay healthy and continue to be a game-changer for the Giants' offense, as you can never have too many dynamic weapons on the field.

Once this offense as a whole gets healthy, we're hoping to see the playmakers start to do their thing. Daniel Jones' struggles will hopefully come to a close soon. Once he has more time in the pocket, look for him to start impressing, with Robinson looking to be a stud target the rest of the way.