Re-grading the NY Giants 2022 NFL Draft 6 games into the new season

The 2022 draft has proven to be underwhelming for Big Blue
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Round 4, Pick 112: Daniel Bellinger, B-

For being a fourth-round pick, Daniel Bellinger certainly has exceeded his expectations with the Giants. Not only has he been a key part of the offense as a blocker, but he's been incredibly consistent for the team as a pass-catcher as well. While his volume in the receiving game hasn't been the same since the Darren Waller trade, this doesn't make him any less important.

This season, Bellinger ranks 11th amongst all TEs in PFF run-blocking grades, which is an improvement compared to last season, so it's great to see progression from the youngster. He may not be used as a receiver as much this season, but it's still crucial to remember how good he can be as one. Last season, in just 12 games, Bellinger caught 30 passes for 268 yards and two touchdowns while also getting a score on the ground. In addition to this, Bellinger even caught a very important touchdown in the Giants' playoff matchup against the Vikings that helped seal the win.

Round 4, Pick 114: S Dane Belton, C

The short career of Dane Belton has been an interesting one to watch unfold. He was far from perfect in his rookie season, but he certainly showed flashes of excellence. However, the start to the season for Belton has been far from kind and it has us worried about his future with the team. Many thought he had a chance to start alongside Xavier McKinney, but with Jason Pinnock since taking the role, Belton has barely seen the field.

Even when on the field this season, Belton hasn't been very good. He saw a big spike in snaps against the Dolphins and was borderline disastrous, allowing four receptions on four targets for 51 yards as well as missing two tackles, one of which was an easy attempt in the backfield that would've prevented a big run. This inability to make plays on the ground is what's hurt Belton's career the most.