Re-grading the NY Giants 2022 NFL Draft 6 games into the new season

The 2022 draft has proven to be underwhelming for Big Blue

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants
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Round 5, Pick 146: LB Micah McFadden, C+

While he hasn't had the craziest start to his career, Micah McFadden has certainly been at least decent for the Giants at times considering that he was a fifth-round pick. His rookie season was definitely rough, but McFadden has at least been good against the run during the start of his sophomore campaign.

This year, McFadden has been pretty inconsistent, but he has picked up his play in recent weeks. Against the 49ers, he was a tackle machine, making some big-time spots in the TNF loss. Against the Bills on Sunday night, he was able to post an awesome fumble recovery after Bobby Okereke forced a fumble.

Round 5, Pick 147: DL DJ. Davidson, C-

Again, it's tough to have high expectations for a fifth-round pick, but despite this, DJ. Davidson has been fairly solid in the games we've seen out of him. He hasn't been spectacular, but for playing extremely limited snaps we can hardly complain. The Giants can never have too much IDL depth and Davidson has played his role well.

This season in particular, it seems like Davidson has solidified a genuine spot on the Giants' depth chart, which is great to see. This campaign, Davidson has already surpassed his snap count from last season and has looked much improved. Out of everyone on the Giants' front five, he has the third-highest PFF pass-rush grade. While his minimal snaps certainly help his grades, it's still an impressive mark.