Re-grading the NY Giants 2022 NFL Draft 6 games into the new season

The 2022 draft has proven to be underwhelming for Big Blue

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Round 5, Pick 173: OL Marcus McKethan, D+

Marcus McKethan is one of the tougher players from the draft class to grade, as he's only played in five games and is coming off a torn ACL that caused him to miss his entire rookie season. Despite this, when on the field, McKethan has been borderline disastrous for the Giants and it's been a serious problem.

Fans were initially excited for McKethan following his career debut against the Cardinals in which he looked incredibly solid. Since then, though, it's been straight downhill for the sophomore to the point where the Giants have to question if starting him is the right decision anymore. Recently, McKethan managed to post a PFF pass-blocking grade of 0.0 against the Miami Dolphins, an absolutely embarrassing mark.

Round 6, Pick 182: LB Darrian Beavers, D

Similar to McKethan, there was a fair amount of hype surrounding Darrian Beavers early on. In his first two preseason games, he looked absolutely fantastic, flying all over the field in coverage and against the run. Considering the desperation surrounding the linebacker position at the time, this hype was understandable. However, it didn't last long as during his second preseason game, Beavers went down with a torn ACL that caused him to miss his entire rookie season.

Despite this, there was still a certain subsection of Giants fans, which included myself, that still believed Beavers could be the Giants' LB2 behind Bobby Okereke. Instead, it seems the ACL tear may have had a significant impact on Beavers as he looked much slower in the open field and overall wasn't the same player this summer.

Now, after being waived, Beavers remains on the Giants practice squad waiting for another chance. While I still believe he could be a good player, it's hard to give the pick a higher grade when Beavers still hasn't played a single game in the regular season.