Re-grading the NY Giants 2023 rookie class after Week 10's nightmare vs. Dallas

Outside of the Deonte Banks and JMS, the rookies have disappointed

Washington Commanders v New York Giants
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With the NY Giants sitting at 2-8 following their disastrous loss to the Dallas Cowboys, fans are starting to look back at some of the moves made this offseason in order to try and determine what exactly went wrong.

This year's draft class was one that many were excited about, as it was the first time in a while that the Giants didn't have a top pick. This, combined with how stacked the class was at positions New York was in need of, gave fans many reasons to have hope. However, how have these picks turned out thus far? Through 10 games some guys have impressed, while others just haven't gotten the job done:

Round 1, Pick 24: CB Deonte Banks, B+

Sure, things have been rough in recent weeks, but overall, Deonte Banks has put together a pretty damn good rookie season, especially when you look at some of the other rookie corners from this year's draft class. Banks has shown a ton of star potential, shutting down some of the league's best pass-catchers.

Again, though, his struggles in recent weeks have been really bad. In the last four weeks, Banks has given up 25 receptions on 41 targets for 393 yards and zero touchdowns. Does this mean we're worried about the 22-year-old CB? Absolutely not. Banks has shown more than enough during his rookie season that has us confident that he'll be a great player in this league.

For example, in his first six weeks, Banks allowed just 13 receptions on 25 targets for 120 yards and two touchdowns. Alongside this, Banks also had two games in which he didn't allow a single catch. Fans are gonna complain about his poor play as of late, but they will miss out on all he did earlier this season and all he's going to do for the Giants moving forward.