4 reasons the Eagles are going nowhere even if they beat the Giants on Sunday

The Eagles are looking terrible of late and fans are frustrated

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Heading into Week 18 with divergent perspectives on the 2023 season, the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles are set to clash one last time, concluding a regular season both franchises hope to forget. While labeling the Giants' and Eagles' seasons as "disappointments" is relative, it's undeniable that these NFC East counterparts fell short of expectations.

While the Giants won't make a playoff appearance this year, the NFC Conference promises a feisty spectacle as other teams fight for glory. Here are four reasons the Eagles face an uphill battle for playoff success, regardless of Sunday's outcome:

4. Nick Sirianni

After a triumphant 2022 campaign that culminated in a 14-3 record and a Super Bowl appearance, optimism soared among the "Philly Faithful." Sporting a roster mirroring last season's star-studded lineup, including a stellar quarterback, multiple Hall-of-Fame offensive linemen, and an aggressive front seven, the Eagles seemed poised for greatness.

Yet, the envisioned juggernaut never materialized. The Eagles have lost four out of five games, placing the blame squarely on head coach Nick Sirianni. Despite his animated sideline presence, Sirianni faces criticism for questionable playcalling during recent struggles. The frustration peaked with a loss to the lowly Arizona Cardinals, where a 15-point lead slipped away, leaving players visibly disgruntled.

Calls for Sirianni's job have surfaced, but his track record - a 34-16 record with a Super Bowl appearance in three seasons - must be considered. In the midst of locker room turmoil and the Eagles playing their worst football, Sirianni shoulders a hefty burden as he seeks to reverse the team's downward spiral.