4 reasons the Eagles are going nowhere even if they beat the Giants on Sunday

The Eagles are looking terrible of late and fans are frustrated

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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3. Injuries and fatigue

Maintaining peak health is paramount in the NFL, especially as the playoffs approach. Unfortunately, the 2023 season has seen the Eagles plagued by injuries at the most critical of times.

Last week dealt a significant blow as star wide receiver DeVonta Smith succumbed to an ankle injury. Cornerbacks Avonte Maddox and Darius Slay also deal with elbow and knee injuries, respectively. The defensive line has its own challenges, with Jordan Davis gaining national recognition for being out of shape.

The outlook for these key players' availability in the playoffs is cautiously optimistic. However, a pressing concern lingers — will their performance be hampered by the time off and the lingering effects of their injuries? A demanding season takes its toll on every player, and as the Eagles brace for the playoffs, they must navigate through bumps and bruises.

A notable case is Davis, who faces criticism for his physical limitations affecting the team's defensive prowess despite not dealing with an injury. While Davis' 330-pound frame has advantages, recent weeks have exposed instances where he's hurt the team more than helped. As the games become more challenging and physically demanding, the Eagles must find a way to overcome the injury bug and players battling their physical limitations, or they'll surely struggle come playoff time.