4 reasons to keep Saquon Barkley with Carmen Bricillo as new Giants OL coach

The Giants keeping Saquon Barkley must be a priority

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3. Josh Jacobs' success behind Carmen Bricillo’s OL bodes well for Saquon Barkley

If you go back and look at the 2022 season for the Raiders, Josh Jacobs had a ton of success running the ball in front of Bricillo’s unit, which finished 10th overall. Jacobs led the league with 1,653 rushing yards and had 2,053 all-purpose yards. In 2023, Jacobs took a step back and also dealt with the injury bug as well, which led to him only rushing for 805 yards and six touchdowns.

Jacobs is almost two years younger and yet, even with an immensely better offensive line, had less production in 2023 than Barkley did with the inferior offensive line. Barkley outproduced him by over 100 yards total, as Jacobs had 1,101 total yards.

It goes to show that even though Jacobs is a younger back, Barkley is still a special talent who has shown that he can produce behind some very poorly played lines put in front of him. Just imagine what Barkley can put up with an improved unit? That's where Bricillo can come in for Saquon and the rest of the offense.