4 reasons the NY Giants can somehow stun the Commanders on Sunday

Don’t give up hope yet Giants fans, they have a chance on Sunday

New York Giants v Washington Commanders
New York Giants v Washington Commanders / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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1. The Giants own the Commanders

While the Giants have struggled in recent years against the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, they have done very well against the Commanders. Going back to the 2018 season, the Giants are 7-3-1 against Washington with four of those wins in the Commanders own stadium. The Giants have played very well against their rivals in recent years.

While the past doesn’t guarantee anything on Sunday, recent trends could, especially for Washington. The Commanders are 1-3 in their own building this season from their 4-6 record, which could play into the Giants hands if they are looking to leave with a win. That one win for the Commanders at home goes all the way back to Week 1.

While the rest of the season for the Giants doesn’t look promising, as many think the Giants could go winless the rest of the way to end 2023 and finish 2-15, the G-Men have a winnable game in front of them. Whether it happens or not remains to be seen, but the Giants leaving Washington with another victory is certainly doable.