5 reasons the NY Giants can still make the playoffs in 2023

Don't lose faith just yet, Giants fans
New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers
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3. This regime will actually hold its players and coaches accountable

We have seen in previous regimes how hesitant the front office has been to hold its players and coaching staff accountable. Whether it be allowing Nate Solder to start despite his horrific play, keeping Joe Judge around for way longer than he should have, or even allowing players who shouldn't have been starting to start, questionable calls have been made in the past.

Even from a coaching standpoint, Brian Daboll has already begun benching players for their poor performance, most notably, Mark Glowinski. Hopefully, though, this will continue if certain players continue to disappoint. This is a very crucial season for the Giants and Daboll can't allow it to go sour by allowing guys to start who shouldn't be.

A situation that could be interesting to watch unfold in the coming weeks is the handling of offensive line coach Bobby Johnson. Through three weeks, the Giants offensive line has been arguably the worst in the NFL and he must be held accountable for this. If this poor play from the line continues, we hope Schoen does the right thing by letting Johnson go in order to bring someone new in.

Regardless, we need to see both Daboll and Schoen continue to hold everyone accountable. This will make players have more fight within themselves to prove their worth to the team. They should know that no one is safe and if they're going to play poorly there will be consequences.