4 reasons the Giants can’t give up on Daniel Jones just yet

Fans are losing hope on Danny Dimes but now is not the time to give up on him

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3. NY is contractually obligated for at least one more season

The Giants made a big investment in Jones this offseason after having the best year of his career and leading the team to a playoff victory over the Vikings and an appearance in the NFC Divisional Round. After showing the front office he is capable of not just leading a team to the postseason, but also winning in the postseason, general manager Joe Schoen signed Jones to a four-year contract extension worth up to $160 million that can keep him in New York through the 2026 season. However, Schoen gave the team a potential out after the 2024 campaign.

The team can part ways with Jones after 2024 to “create $21.5 million in cap savings while eating $18 million in dead money,” per Dan Duggan of The Athletic. Yes, $18 million in dead money can be a tough pill to swallow, but it is an option the G-Men have at their disposal if they feel as though it is time to move on from Jones.

Whether fans like it or not, the Giants are contractually obligated to not give up on Jones for at least one more season beyond 2023. With that said, all you can do is hope that he turns it around and reminds Big Blue nation why he was given the lofty extension in the first place.