4 reasons the Giants can’t give up on Daniel Jones just yet

Fans are losing hope on Danny Dimes but now is not the time to give up on him

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1. Lack of viable replacements

Even if the Giants were to move on from Jones, who would they turn to next? For fans who are suggesting the G-Men “tank for Caleb (Williams),” do you really want to go through another developmental process with a young quarterback? Or, for those who prefer the Giants trade for a veteran signal-caller, if one even becomes available, who? Is a 35-year-old Kirk Cousins or Ryan Tannehill on an expiring contract worth giving up serious draft capital to try and turn this team around? Are they that much of an upgrade to Jones to the point that they can somehow lead this roster to the postseason?

If none of those options sound appealing, the G-Men could give career journeyman and backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor a chance to claim the starting job. Does that sound like an upgrade? Saying you want to move on from Jones and actually moving on from Jones are two different things.

It is much easier said than done given the circumstances and potential alternatives. There truly is no viable replacement and it feels counterintuitive to move on from Jones to draft another quarterback or an aging veteran. Stick with Danny Dimes for now, folks.