4 reasons for the Giants to move on from Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones might not be the guy for the Giants after all
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3. Daniel Jones is regressing back to previous mistakes

What is most concerning here for Jones isn’t just the losing of games during the 2023 season. It’s how he is losing them. It’s a lot of what happened early on his career that is starting to come back into 2023. The same mistakes that we all thought Daboll and Mike Kafka worked with and fixed a season ago.

Missing reads and receivers down the field? There have been several plays where someone like Jalin Hyatt was deep down the field wide open for an explosive play, but Jones didn’t look his way. Or Wan’Dale Robinson was wide open to the point where he is jumping up and down and waving his arms up at Jones, but the ball doesn’t find its way to him because Jones doesn’t get it. Or Darren Waller finding his way into the end zone wide open for a touchdown that could bring the Giants back into a game they desperately need to win. But instead, Jones never looks his way and tosses a pick-six.

As Devon Witherspoon said on Monday night, Jones is being scouted by opposing defenses as someone who stares down his first target and throws it that way. Another common rookie mistake. Except Jones is in his fifth year as a pro and he’s paid like a starting quarterback who isn’t supposed to be making those kind of mistakes. These are all things that might be past a coaching thing. These might be the characteristics of a player who will continue to revert back to what they do.

And granted, Jones has been playing behind the worst offensive line in the league, according to Pro Football Focus. They’ve ranked the Giants dead last since the end of Week 1. But the issues Jones has had don’t involve the poor play of the offensive line. These issues are on Jones himself. Maybe the contract gave him too much of a false sense of confidence.