4 reasons for the Giants to move on from Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones might not be the guy for the Giants after all

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2. The New York market could be too big for Danny Dimes

Sometimes, players just need a fresh start after being in one place for so long. In Jones' case, he’s seen a lot of losing football since he took the reigns from Eli Manning. He’s seen several head coaches, offensive coordinators, wide receivers and many offensive linemen during his time here.

Sometimes, it just might not be good enough in the end. They say New York is not for everybody. The media is constantly at you. The fans can turn on you in the blink of an eye. For Jones, the minute he was drafted, a lot of fans didn’t even want him here to begin with. The lights are the brightest and some can crumble under them.

Jones is 1-12 in primetime games with the world watching. Not exactly a vote of confidence for the $160 million man that is expected to lead the team into the future. Giants co-owner John Mara even once said, “We’ve done a lot to screw him up,” when talking about the QB. Maybe Mara is right. Maybe too many coaching changes mixed with the losing has been too much.

Maybe Jones needs a fresh start elsewhere. Given the current contract, Jones likely isn’t getting traded anytime soon, so Jones may not see a fresh start until after 2024. But maybe that is what is best for his career: a lesser-impact media market on a new team to try and turn his career around.

As hard as Jones has tried to be the guy, maybe he just isn’t meant to be the guy. It took the Giants 11 years to find the right QB after Phil Simms with Manning. Jones, outside of last season, hasn't lived up to the hype.