3 reasons the NY Giants season can't be turned around

Four games in and this NY Giants season is looking like its over

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants
Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants / Al Bello/GettyImages
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1. The Giants remaining schedule is quite tough

At 1-3, it's going to be a hard hill to climb for any team looking to make a playoff push. And for the Giants with the way their schedule looks, we can't see a scenario where the team is able to turn their season around. The schedule the rest of the way is pretty dang tough, with the next two opponents being Super Bowl contenders.

The Giants are set to play both the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills on the road and there could be a real chance that after six games the Giants will sit at 1-5 for the third time in four years. Overall, the Giants are scheduled to play some tough competition besides the Bills and Dolphins, as they will be playing the Commanders, Cowboys, Raiders and Jets after that. Despite some of those teams' lackluster records, they look a lot more competitive than the Giants.

Not a lot of people thought the Giants would be 1-3 at this point in the campaign, but no one thought their losses would be total embarrassments. The defeat vs. the Seahawks was a major setback across the board. Fans are trying to keep their spirits up, but from our chair, it just seems like NY doesn't have a chance to bounce back.