4 reasons the Giants should keep Mike Kafka as offensive coordinator

Here's why Mike Kafka has earned one more crack at leading the Giants' offense.

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After a substantial coaching shakeup following the less-than-stellar 2023 season, the New York Giants face decisions about who stays and who goes. With some coaches, including defensive coordinator Wink Martindale saying goodbye, the team is gearing up for a new era under Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll.

Amidst all of this, one crucial question stands: Should the Giants stick with Mike Kafka as their offensive coordinator? Let's break down four reasons he should stay in charge of the offense for the upcoming 2024 campaign:

4. Familiarity with Daniel Jones

As the Giants think about who to take with the No. 6 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, things are a bit uncertain, especially for the quarterback position. But no matter what, it looks like Daniel Jones will be starting the 2024 season at the helm. Keeping Kafka as the offensive coordinator would help keep things familiar for Jones, especially with other coaching changes around him. Jones has said he has a great relationship with Kafka, and they worked well together during the successful 2022 season.

It's important to remember the good stuff Kafka did in 2022, helping the Giants make the playoffs and take down the Vikings in the Wild Card Round. Jones had his best season under Kafka's guidance, even with not-so-great receivers. For much of that season, the Giants rolled out players like Marcus Johnson, David Sills, and Richie James as starting receivers. Jones will undoubtedly have a much superior supporting cast in 2024.

Having familiarity, continuity, and past success gives the Giants a good reason to trust Kafka for another season. If the team gets healthier and adds some new faces, the offense could do even better. Not to mention, keeping Kafka will make Jones more confident and comfortable in the upcoming season.