4 reasons the Giants should keep Mike Kafka as offensive coordinator

Here's why Mike Kafka has earned one more crack at leading the Giants' offense.

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2. Good signs with Tyrod Taylor

Although the 2023 season was a failure, some titbits and segments presented reasons for hope moving forward. More specifically, toward the end of the season, the offense began to move the ball and score points, mainly due to Tyrod Taylor's versatility and downfield passing success.

Contrary to much of what we saw from Jones and Tommy DeVito, Taylor was slinging the ball downfield. In 2023, a whopping 15 percent of Taylor's passes traveled 20+ yards downfield, a number that a Giants QB hasn't reached since Eli Manning in 2011.

Seeing Darius Slayton, Jalin Hyatt, and Wan'Dale Robinson given the opportunity with the ball in their hands was exceptional. It was indeed a preview of what can come if a young, gunslinger-type QB enters the mix through the NFL Draft. Taylor's speed and mobility, matched with backfield mate Saquon Barkley, kept opposing defensive front sevens honest. With this, different play-action and roll-out passes were incredibly successful, giving weapons one-on-one chances and the ability to run deep downfield routes to shake secondary players.

While yes, the nearly 34-year-old Taylor made his mistakes and is not the long-term option, it was finally shown what the right QB could look like in this Daboll/Kafka offense. They are begging for a superstar lining up behind center; now more than ever, the question is, will that superstar be available at No. 6 overall?