4 reasons the Giants should keep Mike Kafka as offensive coordinator

Here's why Mike Kafka has earned one more crack at leading the Giants' offense.

New York Giants v Seattle Seahawks
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1. Sending a message to all coaches and players

In a world where Kafka gets fired, delving into every succeeding result and action that can affect the team is essential. From the outside looking in, the Giants had one poor season, where their starting quarterback missed much of the season yet parted ways with both coordinators and many assistant/position coaches days after the season concluded. What does that say to potential candidates for the vacant positions?

It shows a lack of loyalty and a quick trigger by Schoen/Daboll to let guys go. Whether that's reality is unknown, but in the NFL, perception is everything, and that rings more true during the offseason than ever. Any coordinator or coach considering the Giants as a potential opportunity will undoubtedly be off-put by their overhaul, and it doesn't bode well for attracting desirable candidates.

Kafka now has two full years under his belt as offensive coordinator and no more room for excuses. Next year, with the expectation of a healthier and more competitive roster complexion, Kafka will be crucial in organizing this team in hopes of returning to an effective and formidable offense Giants fans saw just a year ago.