4 reasons the NY Giants should stay away from Russell Wilson in free agency

Russell Wilson on the Giants in 2024? Don’t count on it.

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3. Too much money for a QB

In CBS Sports’ recent article listing seven potential free agency destinations for Wilson, the Giants were the No. 2 team mentioned. What it didn’t mention was how Daniel Jones still has a dead cap hit tied to him for 2024 and even if he were to be designated as a post-June 1 release, the Giants would be spreading the dead cap hit over two seasons as opposed to the generic pre-June 1 release.

The Giants would still be on the hook for paying Jones if he is released, on top of paying whatever Wilson would want in free agency. That is a lot of money to be tied to two quarterbacks, one of which, wouldn’t be on the roster for 2024. Even if the Giants had that kind of cap space to spend on another quarterback, it isn’t ideal to do that given the amount of needs the Giants need to address.

The Giants still need to re-sign Saquon Barkley and look at adding potential free agent offensive linemen if they want to have any chance of being better in 2024, especially on offense. Signing Wilson, on top of having to still pay Jones, will not allow any of that to happen.