4 reasons the NY Giants should stay away from Russell Wilson in free agency

Russell Wilson on the Giants in 2024? Don’t count on it.

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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2. Russell Wilson won't make a big enough impact

When the Broncos made that trade almost two seasons ago to acquire Wilson to be their starting quarterback, they did so thinking they would be competing with the Kansas City Chiefs for the division, the conference and for championships.

By giving up five draft picks and three players, that is the kind of expectations attached to the kind of trade Denver made getting Wilson. Except, that hasn’t been the case. The Broncos went 5-12 in Wilson’s first year and they are 7-8 before Denver decided to bench Wilson for the remainder of the season. These aren’t the results Denver had in mind when they pulled the trigger on the trade for Wilson.

Granted, Wilson is still productive enough to start for a team in 2024. But is he the right quarterback for the Giants that can lead them to the playoffs and beyond? Not at this current moment. He still might be more talented than Jones is, but the Giants focus on their next quarterback after Jones needs to be a bigger part of the picture for the franchise moving forward. They need the long-term guy. Wilson isn’t enough of a long-term option who will make the kind of positive impact the Giants truly need.