4 reasons the NY Giants should stay away from Russell Wilson in free agency

Russell Wilson on the Giants in 2024? Don’t count on it.

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1. Drafting is easier to do financially

The reality for the Giants is that Jones will likely be on the roster next season. There’s too much money tied up for him not to be. But as far as Jones starting Week 1 due to the ACL injury, surgery and recovery process - that is definitely not a given, and Joe Schoen knows this. Because of it, it’s why the Giants are in prime location to draft a quarterback in April’s 2024 NFL Draft.

The Giants, heading into Week 17, are projected to have the No. 5 overall pick. The Giants could stay as is and possibly land a quarterback in that spot, or land one in the second round if they decide to draft another player with that pick.

Drafting a quarterback in either round will still cost the Giants money on the payroll. But it will cost far less on the salary cap than it would to sign Wilson, especially if he thinks he is worth top-tier quarterback money. By drafting a quarterback over signing Wilson, the Giants can still focus money on needs, such as re-signing Saquon and improving the offensive line.

Economically and financially, drafting a quarterback over signing the aging veteran in Wilson is the way to go.