4 reasons the NY Giants were winners at the trade deadline

Joe Schoen got things right and he didn't panic
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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3. Not forcing an Adoree' Jackson trade

One of the biggest names mentioned in terms of Giants trade rumors this season has been Jackson, and it's easy to see why. Not only is he in the midst of a disappointing season, but with the lack of success we've seen from New York, he was a prime trade candidate on paper. Keep the phrase "on paper" in mind.

Jackson, who's playing on the final year of his contract, has racked up 26 tackles while allowing 27 receptions on 36 targets for 390 yards and a touchdown through seven games. So, not only would any team trading for him have to take the risk of re-signing him this offseason, but his poor play has already diminished most of his value.

This would have set up the Giants to not only get a minimal return for the 28-year-old CB, but they'd likely have to eat up most of his salary for this season, similar to what's happening with Williams. With these factors in mind, it was likely the best option for New York to simply keep Jackson around, as I don't really see a world where another team would have given up more than a fifth-round pick for the veteran.